Venus: The ‘Swim’ in the Mirror

The ‘swim’ is one of the most popular words in Italian.

But it doesn’t necessarily describe what it’s really like to be swimming in Venus, writes Francesco Rosanciante. 

Italian artist Francesco Cosancietti’s Venus in the mirror sculpture has long been one of Italy’s most popular pieces, and has become a cultural touchstone in many countries around the world.

It was commissioned by Italian artist and sculptor Andrea Poggi, who was inspired to create it after spending a week in the Venus of Capricorn in the Italian Alps in 2004. 

“The painting depicts a woman who, with her arms outstretched, is seen in the middle of the Mediterranean, looking out at the water.

Her body is stretched in a circular shape, and her arms are folded behind her back, her head slightly tilted forward.

She is smiling, looking around her, and looking at her reflection,” Cosancietti wrote in a blog post.

“In the mirror, a man sits on a beach, holding a bowl of sand. 

The man looks up and down the beach with his gaze, in the same way that the artist would, and with a sense of wonder. 

And yet the mirror is not the only way of looking at the sun.” 

The sculpture was inspired by the image of the ‘swimming pool’ at the centre of Poggis ‘Piano Man’, a work that also features a woman swimming in the ocean.

It has also been criticised for the “disguised nudity” it portrays, which can be seen from the outside of the sculpture. 

According to Cosanceli, the reason behind the painting’s popularity is due to the “cinematic” nature of the image. 

He said the original painting was intended as a statement of the artist’s personal view of the sun, and “is an image of an artist who was not afraid to say what he thought”. 

“A certain level of visual and conceptual knowledge is required to achieve the image that we have,” Cosancci said. 

Cosantucci explained that the painting was “not an expression of aesthetic pleasure.

Rather, it represents a sense that something is out of place in the landscape, that it is a ‘swamp’ or a ‘sea of sand’, which is not natural, and that it should be avoided. 

This sense of the natural world, the natural state of the human body and the inherent beauty of life, can be said to be the core of the work.” 

In 2012, the artist commissioned a painting by Italian sculptor Gian Luigi Giacomo Vincenzetti to replace the original in which the sculpture was designed. 

Giacomo Vasiliani is renowned for his work with Venus in particular. 

Venus was born in the year 1481 in Venice, and is the daughter of Venus, the mother of Neptune and the wife of Jupiter. 

It is also the name of the Roman goddess of love, and was originally the name for the constellation Sagittarius. 

Its most famous features include the Venus and Apollo myth, a serpent, and the constellation Virgo, which stands for the sign of the cross. 

During the 16th century, Venus was the subject of numerous painting and sculpture exhibitions in Italy, including by Giacomanti, whose works can be found in the Museo delle Musica in Rome. 

In 2017, Cosancini completed his first Venus painting in the style of Giacombelli. 

His work will be exhibited at the Venice Biennale.

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