‘Vitamin A Swimming Pool Vacuum’ may save your life

Video of the day Vitamin A Swimmer Pool Vacuums can help you relax and reduce the risk of developing respiratory illness, according to a study published Monday in the journal PLOS ONE.

The study found that a vitamin A swimming pool vacuum that works by releasing a molecule of the chemical that causes the lung inflammation and reduces CO2 levels in the lungs could be as effective as oxygen masks in preventing the disease.

The researchers used a specially designed, 3D-printed prototype that was built using 3D printing technology and other materials, including silicone, glass and metal, to create the device.

The scientists then tested it on people with COPD, a condition that causes respiratory symptoms that can last up to two years.

They found that the device had a 90% success rate in treating CO2-induced respiratory illness and could save the lives of up to 20 people.

“The results of this study indicate that a simple, inexpensive device, which uses simple, easy to use materials and reduces the risk for respiratory illness through its efficacy against CO2, is the best strategy to treat CO2 related respiratory illness,” said study lead author Roberta J. Sillars, a PhD student in the Department of Physical and Life Sciences at Ohio State University.

The device uses carbon dioxide to activate the molecule that causes COPD.

This carbon dioxide molecule is released into the air as a gas, which is then inhaled into the lungs.

This is the molecule the researchers used to create their prototype.

The team then tested the device on a group of patients with COPE, a chronic respiratory illness that causes long-term respiratory illness.

They found that even though they were given oxygen masks to prevent CO2 from entering their lungs, the people who were given the vacuum still experienced significant improvements in their symptoms and respiratory function.

“Our results demonstrate that a small amount of carbon dioxide released by a vacuum can reduce the symptoms of CO2 respiratory illness significantly,” said lead researcher Jana A. Moczulski, a postdoctoral fellow in the Sillar lab.

“This result was not a surprise as CO2 is a well-established respiratory disease killer.

In fact, many studies have demonstrated that the carbon dioxide emitted from the vacuum reduces COII levels in people’s lungs.

These results also indicate that the vacuum’s effectiveness against COII is independent of whether the person inhales or exhales CO2.”

In addition to reducing CO2 in the air, the device also removes toxic particles that can contribute to the onset of COPD and help to prevent respiratory illness in some patients.

“We hope this research helps our patients to avoid developing COPD or COPE,” said Moczeski.

“In the future, we may also use this device to improve asthma monitoring, as the vacuum could be used as an indicator of respiratory disease, to help prevent the onset and progression of COPE or COPD.”

The device is still a prototype, and it’s currently undergoing testing to see if it can reduce CO2 pollution in a controlled environment.

But the researchers said the technology could eventually be used to provide safe breathing to the general public.

“Although this device may not be as useful for CO2 inhalation as a mask or breathing apparatus, it may be a valuable tool for patients who are at high risk of COII exposure,” said Sillas.

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