What’s your favorite Houston swimming pool design?

A swimming pool in downtown Houston might be the perfect place to have a relaxing swim or to chill out at a picnic, but a new design in the city is adding to the appeal.

Houston Swim Club opened its pool last week, and its designers have been making some changes to the pool since its opening.

The pool’s design is inspired by the beach-side pool in New York City and is reminiscent of a swimming pool at the ocean.

In a new Instagram video, the club explains how it made the pool, adding, “I think it’s a very modern design, but it’s also very modern.

It’s a perfect way to bring people together.

We’re trying to bring together people that don’t always get together for the pool.

I think it works.”

The video also shows a glimpse of the pool itself, with the pool floor covered with a bright yellow tarp.

The tarp is made from recycled material from a pool in Houston, and is covered in a yellow tangle of white tape.

The club also released a few more photos, which show the pool at various stages of its life.

First, it is covered with plastic.

Then, the pool is covered by a white tarp with a yellow “pool” sticker.

Then the pool has yellow tape and then a green tarp, which is covered again in yellow tape.

Finally, the entire pool is yellow and white.

It is the pool’s first full-color pool design since the club was founded in 2011.

It will also be Houston’s first pool to be designed in-house, according to the Houston Chronicle.

It has been more than five years since Houston Swim Club debuted its pool.

After that, the design underwent a redesign, which resulted in the pool getting new paint and adding a pool deck.

The club also added a full-size swimming pool with two separate pools, an outdoor volleyball court, a large indoor basketball court, and a large outdoor gym.

The pool has been an indoor destination for the club for years, and the new design brings the pool back into the downtown area.

The new design will be part of a major renovation project to the former Sears location in downtown.

The Houston Swim club said in a statement that it is very excited to see the pool come back to life.

It was a dream come true for the founders to create this beautiful, unique pool and bring it to the city.

The new pool is located in the historic Sears building, which was a major commercial and industrial hub when it was built in 1892.

The design is also inspired by an ocean-facing pool that opened in New Jersey in 2011, which became the city’s first outdoor swimming pool.

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