What are manute bol slides and why do they work?

It’s not that manute, the snake-like, venomous snakes found in South Africa’s rainforests, is not an issue, but the venom that causes manute bites.

The South African Medical Research Council has warned that the venom of manute is highly toxic to animals and humans.

“If you’re bitten by a manute bite, it can be fatal.

In fact, if you’re in the water when a manuted bite occurs, it’s likely that you’re going to die.

You’re going get an infection.

So this is why we put in our manute vaccine.

If we’re in a place where there’s a manUTE bite, then we’re not putting it into the water,” said Dr. Joop de Graaf, the head of the SCMRC’s manute programme. 

Manute venom is a neurotoxin that causes inflammation, and is highly concentrated in the skin.

“It’s the most toxic form of snakebite in the world.

It’s so concentrated that you don’t see it anywhere else,” Dr. de Graaaf told the South African Broadcasting Corporation. 

In order to combat manute venom, the SCMP and its partner, Moseley Research, have created a series of manutes slides to help combat the spread of the toxin. 

These manutes are also used in the UK to fight mange and can be purchased online from online retailers. 

“There are no adverse effects from these manutes slide.

They work very well.

They are a very effective tool for controlling mange in South Africans,” Dr de Graap said. 

There are several benefits to the manutes vaccine.

“There is no more risk of developing a man-mange, it is a natural thing that happens.

We also know that the manute virus does not cause cancer, so if you can control it and you don’ t develop cancer, then you don'” t need to be vaccinated,” he added. 

The slides are available for purchase from the Moseleys website. “

[The slide] does deter people from biting or touching their skin because the venom causes inflammation,” he said.

The slides are available for purchase from the Moseleys website. 

You can also get manute-safe toys at your local Toys R Us. 

More to come.

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