How to avoid mosquito bites

More than 60 per cent of Canadians are exposed to mosquitoes while swimming, but it’s not always safe for them.

That’s because of a lack of proper precautions, says the Canadian Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CCDC).

“Mosquitoes are the most abundant vector for human health and the number of people that are bitten by mosquitoes is far greater than those who are infected,” says Dr. John Schulze, the CCDC’s senior program manager.

“That means the more people that get bitten, the higher the risk of infection, especially for children and seniors.”

There’s no easy answer, but the best thing you can do is keep yourself out of the water,” he says.

It’s not only kids who are vulnerable.”

Mosquitos have become a major health concern around the world, and are spreading at an alarming rate. “

You want to do something safe.”

Mosquitos have become a major health concern around the world, and are spreading at an alarming rate.

The World Health Organization says it’s now responsible for nearly one third of all malaria cases.

The mosquito-borne disease is a global pandemic.

It is estimated that about 5.7 million cases have been reported worldwide since 2004.

In some areas, it’s been so bad that some cities are turning to mosquito repellents and body spray, which are often cheaper and more effective.

“The cost of these is really, really high,” says CTV News Health Analyst Heather Anderson.

“And that’s where the best advice for avoiding mosquito bites comes from.”

Mosquito prevention: How to keep mosquitoes away from you, your pets and yourselfWhile it’s easy to look at the latest mosquito repelling technology and feel like you have the answer, you don’t have to buy a whole new product to help keep your home and your pet free of mosquitoes.

You can use mosquito netting and clothing that doesn’t spread mosquito bites.

And if you have a pet, you can use a mosquito net to catch and kill mosquitoes.

“It’s a great solution for people who are just beginning to know how to control mosquito populations, and I think that’s a really important thing,” says Anderson.

In the meantime, Schulzi says it can be fun to keep yourself away from the water, and get some exercise.

“I think the best way to keep your mosquito control going is to do some exercise,” he said.

“And if that’s not an option, you could get some kind of mosquito net, because that’s really inexpensive.”

Here are some mosquito prevention tips that will help keep you and your pets safe.1.

Use repellent that doesn’s not active on humans, pets and people2.

Use mosquito net in your home3.

Get exercise4.

Wear a mosquito mask5.

Avoid swimming at night6.

Get a spray bottle7.

Use a water repellant8.

Wash hands regularly9.

Get vaccinated

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