Which team is winning the world’s biggest sports event?

There are so many sports fans in the world that can only dream of watching the world championship games on TV or on a big screen.

But how many of them can actually watch them?

Here are our picks for the 10 best sports stadiums in the UK. 10.

Wembley Stadium, London, England 10.

London, England The Wembley Stadium is one of the world, and arguably the most famous sports stadium in the country, having hosted the Football Association Cup Final between England and England since 1996.

It was originally built to host the Olympics in 1964 and is the home to the England Under-21 and England Under 19 national teams.

It is currently used as a venue for concerts and sporting events, and is also home to numerous football teams.

Wembley is also the home of the Premier League.

The stadium is the world headquarters of the London 2012 Olympic Games, which took place in October 2012.

The venue was also the venue for the 2012 Rugby World Cup.


Emirates Stadium, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 9.

Abu Dhabi, UAE The Emirates Stadium is the tallest football stadium in world and is home to football clubs like Manchester United, Manchester City and Arsenal.

It hosts football tournaments, international friendlies, and international friendleships.

The Emirates is also a hub for the commercialisation of football and the world of sports.

It plays host to the football World Cup and also hosts the Champions League.

In May 2018, the stadium was the host to Manchester City’s final match of the season, against Real Madrid.


Stadia 2, Milan, Italy 8.

Milan, Italy The Stadia stadium is home of Milan’s football team, Milan B. It also hosts many other events, including the annual Stadio Olimpico.

Milan is also known for hosting a famous opera house, the Palazzo del Lido, which is one the most expensive venues in Italy.

It has a grandeur unlike any other stadium in Europe, as it is built on a huge, overbuilt hill.

In 2019, the Stadia was the site of the first football match between Manchester United and Chelsea.


Stadium, Paris, France 7.

Paris, France The Stadial is the largest football stadium outside of Europe, with more than 1,000 seats and playing host to major European tournaments.

The Stadiemes stadium was built in 1903 to host a football tournament between Paris Saint-Germain and Arsenal, and also hosted the European Cup Winners Cup and the UEFA Champions League in the late 1970s.

The club’s stadium is also used for many sporting events.

The ground was also home for the Stade des Nations when the French national team won the World Cup in 1958.


Stade de France, Paris-Nice, France 6.

Paris-Nice the Stades stadium is famous for hosting the football Champions League final between Bayern Munich and Paris Saint Germain in 2017.

It holds the famous Stade d’Or, the largest sporting event in Europe and is one half of the Stadia de Paris, which hosts the soccer Champions League finals between Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

The grounds also hosted two European Cup Finals, the 1992 Copa del Rey final and the 1998 European Championship final.


St. Etienne, Paris 5.

Paris The St.

Etienne stadium is a stadium that holds the prestigious Stade D’Or and is a landmark in French football history.

It hosted the 1994 FIFA World Cup final between France and Argentina.

The site is also where the stadium of the French football team Marseille hosted the 1968 European Championship.

The location of the stadium is in the center of the city of Paris and it is located in the heart of the center.

The team’s stadium seats approximately 25,000 people and was built to be the largest stadium in France.

It stands among the world leaders in terms of capacity and also boasts the highest capacity of any stadium in European football.


Stadiemon Stadium, Rome, Italy 4.

Rome, Italy Stadieman Stadium is Italy’s oldest stadium and the home ground of both the Stadiemen (football club) and Stadies (football stadium) in Italy, respectively.

It originally hosted both clubs, and it has been the home for several European and World Cup matches.

It features a grandiose stadium that is surrounded by a sea of red and white.

Stadium has been built on three stadia that are divided by a large green and yellow square that divides the two sides of the pitch.

The stands are adorned with a giant statue of a man, who is a part of a team that plays for the Italian national team.


Storia della Cappella, Rome 3.

Roma The Storia di Roma, which translates to ‘Stadium of the Cappellas’, is a modern stadium that has played host to many famous sporting events in recent years.

It opened in the 1970s and hosts the annual Italian Football Championship. It houses

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