Why the Israel Police is cracking down on swimming pools

Two days after the police announced a crackdown on public swimming pools in Israel, authorities in the Jewish state have cracked down on private swimming pools too.

In a new policy announced Wednesday, the police have banned public swimming from the beaches of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, while the city of Ramallah is also considering an ordinance to restrict swimming in the city’s main swimming pool.

The new policy was announced by Interior Minister Aryeh Deri, who is also the justice minister, in a briefing with reporters.

The new policy is aimed at “ensuring that the public pool stays open,” Deri said, adding that he expects the measures will be implemented by July.

In Israel, the government does not permit swimming in swimming pools unless it has been granted a permit from the municipality, but it has allowed swimming in private pools since 2008.

In 2014, the city granted a temporary permit to the Tel Aviv swimming pool, but has not issued a permit to any other pool.

Public swimming pools are located along the coastline, and are often popular among young couples, families, tourists, and people with limited mobility.

The public swimming pool in Ramallah, located near the West Bank settlement of Kiryat Arba, was closed for five years following a court ruling that found it to be an illegal public swimming facility.

The city is considering an amendment to its swimming regulations that would allow the swimming of people with mobility impairments or to a wheelchair and a person with a heart condition, according to the Jerusalem Post.

In recent years, there has been a spate of incidents in Israel of people swimming in public pools and other public facilities, including in public parks, the Walla news website reported.

In 2012, a 17-year-old Israeli boy was hospitalized after being injured by an unidentified man while swimming at the Knesset swimming pool near the Old City in Jerusalem.

A few weeks later, an Israeli woman, who was on a trip to a beach in the Galilee city of Nazareth, was attacked and beaten by a man who claimed he had an erection while swimming in a public swimming area.

The assailant was arrested and later convicted of assault and harassment.

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