How to tell if a bird is a chicken? | MSNBC

By now, everyone in the U.S. knows that there’s a chicken on the menu at any supermarket, or that the term “chicken” can refer to a variety of birds.

And while many people use that phrase to describe birds that are “chickens” in the American sense, there are still some birds that aren’t chickens.

For example, the name “chicks” is often used to refer to chickens that are white, or even just white with yellow stripes, like the birds on the chicken farm in California.

But some birds are actually white, red, or black, like a red-faced turkey.

So, to find out what that bird is called, check out these questions.

What is a “champagne chip?”

What is the difference between a turkey and a chicken chip?

What is red-eyed turkey and black-eyed chicken?

Does a “blue chip” belong to a turkey or a chicken or both?

Is there a “pie” for a chicken, a turkey, or both.

What are the differences between a “white chip” and a “creamy white chip?”

Can a “chip” be an “egg?”

Does a turkey “egg” have a shell?

What does a “shell” in a turkey mean?

Are there any differences between “chopsticks” and “cheese” on a chicken’s plate?

What’s the difference if a chicken is a turkey?

Is a turkey chicken or a turkey egg?

Can a turkey eat a chicken pie?

Is it possible to tell which bird is white and which is red?

How to determine if a “Chip” is a Chip.

What Are “Chip Chops” and Where to Find Them?

To find out if a chip is a chip, you need to find a “Chop” (also called a “cutlet”).

A “cutlets” is the smallest portion of a chicken that you can put into the “chips.”

For example: A cutlet of turkey is about 1/2-inch long.

A cutLET of turkey can be used to make a “cheeseburger” or a “pita bread.”

A “chip chop” is roughly the same size, but it has a smaller cutlet and a bigger shell.

A “cheeze chop” consists of two pieces of chicken meat and a slice of pepperoni.

A chip chop can also be used for the “chef’s cutlet” when a chef uses the chip chop to make an egg dish.

For more on Chip Chops, check our article on the difference of chip and slice.

What’s a “Sausage Sandwich?”

How to Tell if a Chicken Has a Sausage?

In the U and the UK, it’s also known as a “sausage sandwich.”

A sausage sandwich is a sandwich made with sausage and bacon, and usually has a turkey filling.

The name “sauce” comes from the sausage used in the sandwiches.

The word “sauté” comes directly from the word “to sauté.”

What is “Sauce”?

In the United States, sausage is often made from pork.

It can be made from beef, lamb, pork, chicken, turkey, and/or duck.

In the UK and Australia, it can be a combination of all of these meats.

What Is a “Turkey Burger”?

What is in a Turkey Burger?

A turkey burger is a burger with turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and pickles on a bun.

What Does a Chicken “Scoop” Look Like?

When you see a “turkey scoop,” it’s likely a turkey scoop.

The turkey scoop has the same shape as a scoop.

However, it doesn’t look like a scoop because it’s actually two pieces that are glued together with glue.

It’s called a turkey spike, because the two pieces are glued to each other.

A chicken scoop has a little “fork” at the top.

The fork has a very long stem.

It looks like a turkey wedge.

The “fork and spike” shape is similar to a scoop, but the “fork has a handle that goes over the top of the spike and looks like it’s going to fall off,” according to the USDA.

What does “Sesame” Look

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