Why the Australian Swimming & Diving Championships should be cancelled

The Australian Swimmer & Dives Championships should not be held.

It has no relevance to Australian sport, it is a sham and its purpose is to boost ratings for the sport.

In my opinion, this is a complete waste of time.

Nike is now going to do something they are not going to like.

The Aussie Swimmer has a long history of failing to attract crowds, including a lack of attendance at the 2004 Commonwealth Games.

I am a strong supporter of Australian swimming and diving, and this is simply another way to get ratings.

I know from my own experience as a spectator that most people are very supportive and consider the sport to be worthwhile.

It is no secret that the Aussie swim and diving community is not popular with most of the general public.

As an example, just recently, the Swimming Australia website was removed by the Federal Government because it contained inappropriate material.

However, the Australian Swim & Divers Association (ASDA) said in a statement that they had contacted the Australian Olympic Committee and the Australian Sports Commission to ask for the site to be reinstated.

ASDA said in its statement: “The ASDA is not in a position to offer a comment on the removal of the website from the ASDA’s website.”

I understand the pressure to make a quick decision, and I can understand why some people would be reluctant to support a sport that has a history of making a mockery of the competition.

But this is not sport, and there is nothing in our sport that requires such a heavy-handed approach.

In addition, the Aussies have failed to attract and retain the support of the sport’s elite, as well as the sports most talented competitors.

What do you think?

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