Which of the following swimming pools is safe?

The Jerusalem, Jerusalem – For many Israelis, a swimming pool is the quintessential family gathering spot.

For most, it is a place for family and friends to chill after a long day of hiking or swimming.

For those who have never used a swimming spot, there are many swimming pools to choose from.

For the most part, there is only one swimming pool in Israel, but it is not that far from the city. 

There are several different swimming pools in Israel that are very popular, and one of the most popular swimming pools for young people is the Eshkol pool. 

The pool is situated in the town of Esh kol, which is located about a 15-minute drive from Tel Aviv. 

It is situated on a hilltop overlooking the Erez Crossing and the West Bank, with a view of the Dead Sea. 

As a part of the Efraim Shalom Project, the pool is being built as part of a $2.2 billion project. 

According to a brochure, the EShkol swimming pool will include a 50-metre swimming pool, a 30-metres outdoor swimming pool and a 50m indoor pool.

The swimming pool also has a heated pool and will be equipped with an ice skating rink.

The Esh Kol swimming spot is located on the hilltop, overlooking the Dead Cave. 

(AP Photo/Makiko Shima) The ESh Kol pool is expected to open in the summer of 2021, with construction scheduled to start in 2019. 

On the groundThe pool can accommodate up to 150 people at a time.

A number of other facilities have been set up around the pool, including an outdoor dining area, an indoor tennis court, a fitness center and a sauna.

The pool has been designed in a way that is very similar to that of the famous swimming pools of Paris, and the pool can be easily used by tourists, as well as for families, with no set hours for use. 

To prepare for the summer, the swimming pool was recently renovated. 

In 2017, it was also the site of the annual beach volleyball tournament, which has been held annually since 1972. 

Sitting on a nearby hilltop is the pool’s water feature. 

A view of an outdoor sauna on the Eash kol swimming hole. 

For many Israelis who have visited the pool before, there was a lot to take in. 

“There is so much history in the pool,” one of my friends told me. 

After visiting the pool in the winter, we decided to return again this summer. 

I was surprised to see that the pool was still a very popular spot with families, friends and tourists. 

 (Reuters/Nir Elias) We had the pleasure of sitting at the pool with my family, and I was happy to see the pool open for the second year in a row. 

While I have always enjoyed the EKol pool, I did not think that the swimming spot would have such a huge and popular following. 

Despite the swimming hole being open, it had not been a great time for the pool.

 I also did not see many other Israeli people enjoying the pool as much as I had in the past.

For example, in 2016, it seemed that the Eesh Kol was closed down for the entire summer due to a lack of water, but the pool reopened in March of this year. 

At the time, the reason for the sudden closure was due to construction that was going on. 

But for those who are lucky enough to have the opportunity to go on a family outing to EshKol, there were no problems. 

We decided to go again this year and I felt like I had more fun than ever before.

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