How to buy the best headphones for gaming

By now you probably know that the Oculus Rift is coming to Steam, and it’s going to make games like Portal 2 and Grand Theft Auto V much more fun.

That’s because Valve has already put out a pair of headphones with headphones that sound a bit like the Rift, and that’s not a bad thing.

The HTC Vive, meanwhile, is just a few months away from launching.

Now we’re learning more about what these headsets will look like, and now we can learn about how to get them.

We can learn more about these headsets by comparing them to the HTC Vive’s headset.

It looks like a regular HTC Vive headset, but instead of the regular headset’s headset, it has a pair that looks like the Oculus headset’s earbuds.

The earbud itself has a built-in mic, and the HTC headset’s headphones have headphones that are connected to the mic.

The Vive headset also has a touchpad, which is nice.

The Oculus headset, on the other hand, has no touchpad.

Here’s how they look:As you can see, the HTC headsets are a bit smaller and a bit cheaper.

They are about $50 each, and you can pick up a pair for $30 or so.

The Rift headset has two sets of earbuddies, one with a microphone and one without, and they cost about $60 each.

But they also come in different colors, and so they are available in a few different sizes.

They look like they might be good for gaming, though, since you can get them with a lot of different colors and designs.

I tested the Oculus headsets by playing a video game called The Last of Us on a regular headset.

I put them on and played a game called Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End on the Vive headset.

Here are the results:I had to turn on the sound settings to make the headsets sound, and while it’s hard to hear the Rift headset’s sound, it’s pretty clear that they do a pretty good job of getting the audio to sound like the game.

I also had to disable the “in-headset microphone” option, which makes it so that when you’re using the headset to interact with other players, the sound will play through your headset.

This might not be a big deal for you, but it can be a problem if you’re a game developer.

The headset’s audio will still be loud, but you’ll probably not hear any of the other players.

I then tried to play the game on a headset that has headphones on the outside, but there’s no microphone on the inside.

In this case, I found that the audio was better.

It sounded more like Uncharted 4’s in-headphones were coming through the headset.

The headphones have a decent amount of cushioning and noise reduction, which means you’ll still hear your own voice if you use the headset with headphones on.

I didn’t notice any distortion of the audio or distortion of audio in other areas, though.

I also didn’t hear any distortion in the game itself, but I did hear some distortion in my own voice when I tried to say something to my character.

I did hear the headset’s microphone when I was using it to interact on the Oculus VR app.

This is probably good because it means that the headset will sound louder than it does if you don’t have a microphone, and your ears will have a little bit more room to adjust to the sound.

I wouldn’t recommend that you use it when you are talking to other players unless you are in a noisy room.

But it’s good for other reasons, too.

The Oculus headsets look and feel similar to the Oculus Touch controllers.

There are also a lot more buttons on the HTC and Rift headsets, so there is a good chance that you’ll find some familiarity there.

You’ll also find that the buttons have a lot less grip, and are a lot easier to press than on the PlayStation VR controllers.

If you like the HTC VR headset, you might want to try one of the Oculus headphones as well.

They’re cheaper than the Oculus, but the Vive has a bigger headset.

They have better sound quality and feel, but they are not nearly as comfortable or easy to use.

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