Why do you like to play with cheap swimming pools?

The word “cheap” doesn’t quite cover it: some people find swimming pools fun.

“A lot of people say, ‘I’m just going to go and see what happens,’ ” says Paul Kornze, an economist at the University of Southern California.

“And that’s the whole idea of swimming pools.”

One of the biggest challenges is making sure that you’re not playing with water that is too hot.

“You can’t be too hot,” says Andrew Smith, a water physicist at Stanford University who has spent years researching water temperature.

“When you go to a pool, it’s going to be very hot.

If you go outside, it will be even hotter.”

That’s where cheap pools come in.

As swimming pools get more popular, they’ve come under fire for increasing their temperatures, making them too hot for swimming.

And yet, a recent study by the Australian Bureau of Statistics found that the popularity of cheap swimming pool was in fact increasing.

Smith and Kornsteins team looked at the popularity ratings of over 1,000 pools across the country.

In general, they found that pools rated high in water temperature were rated to be hotter than pools rated low in temperature.

That’s because they are designed to be a bit more heated.

For example, the water temperature of one of the pool’s biggest attractions is rated as hot by the ABC as well as other sources.

So the higher the temperature, the more people are likely to come to the pool.

In some cases, the pool might even have to be heated up.

“If you want to make sure you’re using a pool that’s going into a room, you have to have some kind of thermal insulation,” Smith says.

“That’s really a cost-effective way to protect the water.”

Smith and his colleagues took their data and ran a statistical analysis of how much money was spent on pools by Australian residents.

The researchers found that while most people were spending more money on pools than they did on other things, there was an increase in spending on pools when water temperatures were going up.

So if you want a pool to be comfortable, you might want to invest in thermal insulation.

The team found that people were also spending more than $5 on each of the 15 pools they analyzed, a $4 increase in the average price paid per pool.

That was despite the fact that the pools were rated as “very hot,” not hot enough to be an issue.

It was also a bit surprising, Smith says: “It was actually quite surprising that there were very few pools rated as being too hot, because we thought that was the standard.”

If you think about it, the average pool is about three metres wide and it is a bit hard to find a pool where you can go and go in and out of a pool without getting sweaty.

“So if you’re going to make the choice to buy a pool for swimming, you’re probably better off getting a pool rated as very hot,” Smith adds.

This study suggests that the most popular pools aren’t necessarily the ones that are rated as warmest, but the ones with the most thermal insulation, like those made from recycled plastics and glass.

But Smith thinks the findings need to be replicated in larger samples, because there could be some people who are using the same pool for multiple reasons.

He and his co-author also looked at pools rated “very cold” by ABC, which doesn’t mean it’s too cold, just that it’s not warm enough to swim in.

“There’s a lot of different factors that people are trying to get around,” Smith explains.

“One is just to make it more comfortable.

And there are lots of people who want to be able to swim there, and it’s just easier to get in and be able walk around in there.”

But that’s not necessarily the best thing for the environment.

“It’s not just about making the pools more comfortable,” Smith argues.

“We need to look at what’s happening in the ecosystem that is producing those resources.”

He and Kernstein say that if you have a lot more pools, the environmental impact is going to outweigh the environmental benefits.

But they also acknowledge that the environmental impacts of swimming are going to depend on the water you’re swimming in.

So even if the environmental costs are minimal, it might still be a good investment if it’s also a good thing for your health.

“In some ways, it could be a win-win,” Smith agrees.

“People are going away from a water source that’s been polluted, and then they’re going into another source that is clean and that’s where they’re better off.”

This article was updated on January 20 to include information about the ABC’s research.

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