What do you get when you combine the best of the burberry swim and the best fashion of the couture? Source CNN title Burberry swim shorts are the latest trend for the women of Paris

In the years leading up to this week’s Burberry Swim Trunks event, the world’s most coveted fashion brand has been offering a handful of new looks at its London store.

But with so many of the company’s products out in the world and its designers and stylists all across the world, what are we waiting for?

We asked a few of them to share what they were wearing on their favorite day of the year.


The Burberry “Summer Bumblebee” In February, Burberry introduced the “Summer” bumblebee, an all-black look inspired by the British countryside.

The bumblebees were inspired by an actual Bumble Bee.

The silhouette is based on the silhouette of a BumbleBee, which is a popular breed of British bumble bee.

The colorway was inspired by a combination of blue, pink, black and white.

The style is reminiscent of the summer sun that Burberry celebrates each year.

Burberry has always been known for its design and quality, and the bumble bees make a great choice.2.

The burberry “Ritzy” The Burberries “Riz” looks were inspired from the famous movie “The Ritz.”

The look was inspired in part by the red and white striped stripes that decorate the Ritz.

The red and blue striped pattern was inspired on the dress worn by the Riz’s wife, Ritzy, in the movie.

This red and green striped design was inspired as the Rozydens first date with her husband.3.

Burberries first runway collaboration The Buries first collaboration with fashion brand Burberry was the “Roz” dress.

It is a short dress with the silhouette based on a Ritz and a “R” on the back.

The dress was designed to look like a red, black, and white Ritz dress, which Burberry had created to commemorate the first time they married.

The “R”, which is an Italian word for a rosary, symbolizes the love between two people.

The design is inspired by both a red and black rosarian dress.4.

Burrows first runway partnership in France The Burries first collaboration in France was with French fashion brand, L’Oréal.

L’Oreal’s “Monde” gown, which was designed by Burberry designer Lola Gaudin, was inspired from an actual wedding dress.

The gown was inspired to reflect the love of a wedding.5.

Burburys first runway collaborations in the US The Burburies first runway in the U.S. was with Burberry’s newest partner, Chanel.

The designers collaborated on the “Bumble Bee” gown.

The fashion label paired Burberry with Chanel’s “Coco Chanel” collection, a collection of gowns inspired by Chanel and Burberry.

The Bumble Bees design was based on Chanel gowns.

Chanel also collaborated with Burbury on the Burberry Swims, a line of swimwear inspired by Burburia.6.

Burberg’s first runway with Chanels Burberg was with Chanelle Chanel, a Chanel employee who wore the Burberg Swim Trunk in January.

The swimsuit was inspired both by Burberg and Chanel products.7.

Buries debut in China The Burying Burberry collection made its debut in Shanghai.

Burggear Burberry, a Burberry-owned brand, debuted its first swimwear collection at the Chinese Summer Fair in Shanghai in September.

The collection was inspired, in part, by Burggears signature swimwear.

The line was designed with a mix of Burggearing brands such as Burberry and Burggartown.8.

Burries new look at the Buriebras new collection in Paris The Burieberry collection is set to launch in Paris.

Burying Bumblebees is the first Burberry line to be launched in Paris, which marks the Burggestriens debut in the French capital.

Burieberries “Pour Homme” line, which features an assortment of accessories, is set for release at Paris Fashion Week in October.9.

Buried Burberry is officially the new Burberry

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