The new $100,000 baby swim spa cost more than $100K

A new $1 million baby swim resort in Florida has been revealed, with the construction of a spa costing more than the original $100k price tag.

The new, $100-million baby swimming spa was announced in March by Donald Trump, the US President-elect, who had previously spent $100m to renovate Mar-a-Lago.

“President-elect Donald Trump will spend an additional $100 million to improve the facilities at Mar-A-Lago for our members and their families,” a statement from the Trump Organization said.

“This new $10 million, $20 million, and $50 million investment will provide us with the best amenities and amenities to meet the needs of our guests and to bring new life into the Palm Beach area.”

The new swimming pool, spa, and restaurants are expected to be completed by September 2018.

The Trump Organization was reportedly given $25m to fund the construction, with a loan from the US Treasury.

“The new Mar-lago Spa and Pool is a great addition to the property and we’re thrilled to partner with Donald Trump on this historic project,” said Marla Dannenberg, president of Mar-Lago LLC, the developer.

“It’s a unique combination of luxury and community.

The addition of a new swimming facility, spa and restaurants will bring this once-proud resort to the forefront of Florida’s entertainment landscape.”

Trump has previously spent millions on hotels and golf courses, including the controversial Trump International Hotel in New York, which he bought for $5bn (£3bn).

Development Is Supported By

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