How to wear a bikini under the radar

Victoria Secret Swim Trunks are still a novelty item in Australia and most people still buy them on their own, but they’re making a comeback.

Victoria Secret, the world’s largest lingerie retailer, announced on Tuesday that it’s going to sell bikini-style swim trunk underwear in Australia, the US and New Zealand starting in July.

The bras will be available for purchase at Victoria Secret stores starting at $25.

Victoria, which is part of L’Oreal, is making the bikini-like trunks available in all three countries.

It’s not just the company that’s bringing the underwear back.

It was also the first retailer to announce the availability of bikini-themed trunks in Australia.

Victoria Secret Australia president, Mark Jurewicz, said in a statement that the bikini trunks were a great addition to the range of lingerie in Australia that we’ve been producing for more than a decade.

“The addition of the bikini bikini trunk in Australia means we are opening up a new range of products to our customers that are both affordable and feature a more wearable approach to swimwear,” he said.

“We’re proud to be a part of the global trend of lingerys making lingerie available to the Australian market.”

Victoria Secret is not the only lingerie brand making the return to the bikini.

L’Oréal Australia has already released a line of bikini trinkets in the US, but the company is taking the trunks back to Australia, too.

L’Orèal Australia also plans to release a line in Australia of swim trinket-inspired lingerie this year.

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