Why are the swimming pools of South Africa so hot?

New Scientist magazine published an article by former American swimmer and swimsuit designer Mike Swisher in which he said that South Africa’s swimming pools were so hot that they had the potential to melt the skin on your hands and feet.

The South African swimmers are famous for their long and hot summers, and Swisher’s theory about the cause of this phenomenon is that it is caused by the heat generated from the high-tech, “super-hot” swimming pool.

Swisher, who now lives in London, was referring to the hot pools of the country’s Olympic cities, which were also the site of the Olympic Games in 2008 and 2012.

Swimmers from the South African cities have long complained about the heat and humidity from the pools, which also generate massive amounts of CO2 and other greenhouse gases.

The swimmers also claim that the pools are the source of high levels of stress, and that swimmers can be physically and mentally exhausted from having to compete with the water temperatures in the pools.

Swisher told the magazine that the water temperature in the swimming pool in South Africa is “in excess of 300C”.

According to Swisher the pools have the potential of “causing a skin eruption and an inflammation of the skin”.

He told the Magazine: “I’m not sure how you can swim in a swimming pool that’s so hot.”

Swisher also said that swimmers can become “irritated by the high temperature” and “fear of the water”.

Swimmers are known for their strong suits, and swimming pools are no different.

A swimmers suit is the most expensive and often the most elaborate piece of equipment on the planet, with it costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Swimming pools are often a major attraction in South African summertime, where there is no other form of recreation.

South Africa’s Swimming Pool (Photo: AFP)Swimming pool temperatures, as well as the pools in the Olympic Cities, are high.

Swimming pools have been on the rise in South-Africa for a number of years, and it has increased in recent years due to the increased use of the swimming lanes.

According a study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine in 2014, there were about 8,000 more swimmers competing in the pool at the Rio Olympics in 2016 than in 2010.

The heat can also be a problem for people who work in the hot water areas of the pool, such as cleaning workers and cleaning technicians.

In the past, Swisher said that it would have been possible to get away with “slacking off” during the hot summer months because the heat would not cause the skin to swell.

Swimming in the water has long been a tradition in South West Africa, and in the early 1990s, South African swimmer David Blaney was given a medal for winning a swim in the same pool.

Blaney told the New Scientist that the medal was a “very, very good feeling”.

Swimmers have a long history of complaining about heat, and have been known to make public statements about their experience in the heat.

In 1997, swimming coach James Hargreaves told the BBC he had never seen anyone swim in water so hot as the South Africa swimming pool before.

Swimmers who complain about the high temperatures have also been known for taking to the streets to protest against the countrys government.

Last year, there was a protest in Johannesburg when swimming pool officials said that there was “no room for protest” after the heat became too much.

Swimmer James M. Swyer, who has been training at the Olympic Aquatics Centre in London since 1988, has said that he is not going to swim in any of South African pools any time soon.

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