Nine people have been found dead after a swimming pool in Queensland’s Gold Coast was shut down due to safety concerns

Nine people died and more than 100 were rescued after a swim pool in Gold Coast, Queensland was shuttered due to an increased risk of drowning.

Key points:Authorities said the pool in question was a pool of water in the North Coast town of Tuggles Point in South BrisbaneA police spokesman said officers were “absolutely” looking into the cause of the incidentThe pools was closed after the swimming pool’s owner, a family friend, was arrested in November 2016Authorities said a man and his brother were found dead in the pool, and the other man was found with life-threatening injuries after being taken to the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital.

The North Coast man’s name was not released by police but police said he had died of hypothermia.

The South Coast man was identified by police as his brother, and his body was later found at the Tuggs Point swimming pool.ABC reporter James Atherton said he was “absolutely stunned” to hear about the deaths.

“It is absolutely appalling and heartbreaking and I think it is something that we as citizens should be able to talk about,” he said.

“This is something which has affected all of us and this has impacted us as a community.”

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