What is ‘Adult Swim Swim’s Swimming Bands’?

Adult Swim, the animation and content company that produced the hugely popular Adult Swim series, has released a list of bands that it says have recently signed with the company.

The bands listed on the site include bands that have released music and are available for streaming on the company’s own site, as well as bands that are currently in a partnership with other networks, such as Nickelodeon and Disney XD.

While these bands are listed on their own site and are not listed in the “Adult Swim Band Guide” (which is where you can search for other Adult Swim bands) they are also included in the list of new bands that Adult Swim released on Friday. 

“Adult Swim’s new licensing agreements with Nickelodeons and Disney are a tremendous step in our ongoing collaboration with creators to ensure fans have the best streaming experiences possible,” said Rob Riggleman, President of Adult Swim Networks, in a statement.

“The partnership is a great first step towards continuing to build upon the incredible content we deliver to fans.” 

Among the bands listed are bands that were part of Adult’s 2015 series The Swell, which included the song “Momma Said” (from the Adult Swim animated series).

The Swells also released an album called Swim Bands that included the songs “Don’t Stop, Baby” and “The Girl’s Life.”

“AdultSwimBands.com has been created to help you find new Adult Swim content for free and quickly,” the site’s creator, Aaron Jaffe, wrote on the website.

“Whether you’re a fan of the show, the bands or the music, this is the place to find more great Adult Swim shows and merchandise.”

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