What to wear in a men’s bikini? Swim shorts? Swim bait? What are the most important tips?

Here are the best swimwear basics you can pack into your favorite pair of swim shorts.

You may also want to check out this roundup of top swimwear tips for women.

But you can’t just get by on your swim shorts alone.

Here are seven essential tips for keeping your swimwear fresh and looking stylish.


Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Many beachfront resorts and marinas will have sunscreen available, so grab one.

But remember to always use a sunscreen that isn’t in direct sunlight, as it will get you burned.

If you’re wearing a head cover, wear it around the neck.2.

Bring a towel and a swimsuit-size towel to wear with you.

Bring extra towels to wear while swimming in your shorts.3.

If there’s no water nearby, get out of the water.

There’s no reason to stay in the water if there’s water nearby.

If the beach is clear, you should be fine.4.

Swim in the ocean.

This is the most natural way to get a swim in.

While it’s a lot easier to swim in the beach, the water temperature is actually cooler and the currents are slower.

It also means there are fewer sharks, which can be a little scary if you’re not used to getting them close.5.

Try not to put sunscreen on your face.

While you may not feel like it, the sun can damage your skin if you don’t get enough of it on your cheeks and chin.6.

Dress to your body.

Don the appropriate swimwear for your body type.

While many women wear a tank top and some wear shorts, women should dress as much as possible.

There are tons of options for body types, so find something that fits your body well.7.

Make sure you have sunscreen.

While there’s nothing wrong with having sunscreen on, it’s important to use it properly and stay hydrated.

This means sunscreen is best applied at the beach and not in the sun.

Use sunscreen sparingly and only in the shade of the sun or when swimming in the pool or hot tub.8.

Avoid sunscreen on arms and legs.

The sunburn can also cause irritation to your skin, which is why it’s so important to wear protective clothing to prevent sunburn.

It’s also important to apply sunscreen sparing, as you can get sunburn on your arms and hands.9.

Make a plan to get in and out of your bathing suit.

Make an emergency plan to swim or shower at a time that works for you.

If possible, go swimming and shower separately so you’re able to swim and shower at the same time.10.

If your clothes aren’t clean, it won’t look good.

Many of the beachwear tips below are meant for men, but some of the important points apply to women as well.11.

Wear sunscreen to protect your eyes, cheeks, and neck.

Keep sunscreen on for at least an hour after you leave the water and if you can.

When you get to the water, rinse your face with water and wash your hands with soap.

If it’s raining or snowing, be sure to get outside.12.

If a person is not using a sunblock, ask for one.

If they don’t have a sunblocking product, ask them to cover up with a towel or mask.

If their face is already wet, it might not be worth the risk of the rain or snow.13.

Make your swimsuit clean.

Keep your swim suit clean by washing it and wearing gloves.

Do not allow your clothing to be wet with water.14.

Avoid the beach.

If at all possible, avoid swimming in or near the ocean, because it’s hot and can dry out your skin.

If that’s not an option, you can still enjoy the sun and the sand and surf.15.

Wear a hat to help keep your hair from getting too wet.

If hair is already dry, you may want to wear a hat instead of wearing a swim suit.16.

Wear sandals to help get into the water safely.

If sandals aren’t your thing, try wearing a pair of sandals or walking in sandals instead.17.

Donning a sunscreen mask to block the sun makes you look cooler.

Make it a part of your routine.18.

Wear protective gear.

You don’t want to put your life at risk if you get burned or injured.

Wear gloves, goggles, sunscreen, a head mask, and sunglasses if you plan on swimming.

Wear sunglasses indoors.19.

Wear your swimsuits with a sunscreen.

If wearing a bikini, wear sunscreen in the middle of the swimsuit, rather than just at the back.

You should also wear a sunscreen outside, especially if the sun is coming from the side.20.

Wear hats when swimming.

It can be hard to see through the sun, so be sure your head and neck are covered. You can

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