Meet the new swimwear for the 2018 Olympics

New swimwear styles for the upcoming Summer Olympics will feature “breathtakingly gorgeous water-based materials that will not only transform the look of your swimsuit but also be the first-to-market for a new generation of lightweight, flexible swimwear.”

In an exclusive interview with the Atlantic Wire, swimwear designer Lina Gatti explains how her company, Roxy, is launching the brand’s first swimwear line that will appeal to athletes from all backgrounds.

Gatti says that she has a vision for what swimwear should look like for athletes that “don’t have to look like the Kardashians.”

She says that the “lifestyle” swimwear of the past will have to be “transparent” to appeal to a new group of athletes.

The first models are a lightweight pair of long-sleeved long johns with a pair of matching shorts that are “perfect for the everyday,” she said.

“They’re made to go on for days, not just to wear to the beach.”

The company says that athletes will not be the only ones to benefit from the new products.

It will also feature the latest in lightweight, water-resistant athletic apparel.

Gatti says she believes that athletes are looking for swimwear that is “translucent, soft and comfortable” and that the new line will “add new dimensions to the sport of swimming.”

“Our new line of athletic swimwear is going to give athletes the confidence to be able to go out and be themselves on the water, and we’re excited to bring that new confidence to them.”

The line will be available in six sizes and will retail for $200-$300, the Atlantic reported.

It has been designed to be available for athletes at home and in sporting events.

Development Is Supported By

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