Aerie swim trumps beachwear for women, men in Bali

The latest edition of the “World’s Biggest Women” contest ranks women in beachwear as the “biggest winners” in Balesara’s “Aerie Swim Trunks.”

For the first time, the annual contest has recognized the swimwear of women and men from Bali and neighboring islands, instead of simply focusing on the men.

The contest has featured bikini-clad women in bathing suits, high-waisted sandals and swim trunk trunks, while the men’s suits, shorts and sandals have been limited to jeans and flip flops.

The top four female swimsuits in Banesara’s contest were a $10,000 prize and a trip to the Olympics in 2019.

The top four male swimsuits were $10 each and a $5,000 trip to Rio.

More than 2,000 competitors from more than 60 countries entered the competition, and a total of 10,918 photos of the top-five female swimsuit winners were submitted.

The finalists were determined by votes on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Aerie swimtrunks swimwear from Balesaras winners.

Aerie is the latest in a series of balesara competitions, in which contestants compete in a number of events, including surfing, skiing, water skiing, swimming, canoeing and surfing.

The women’s swimsuit competition featured the top three female swimtrunk winners from Banesaras, including a $2,500 trip to a world championships.

While the top male swimsuit was for $2.50, a swimsuit for a man was $2 and a swimwear for a woman was $1.

The competition was held in Bagsaras from July 24 to Sept. 5.

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