Swimming pool: How to make a fun new game

The idea of swimming pool games is a popular one among young people, but a new study suggests the trend may be growing more widespread.

A study conducted by researchers at Boston University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science found that while there are a number of pools that offer fun and exciting pool activities, only a few have a “deep pool” theme.

The deep pool is a pool with a pool deck that is a bit larger than the average pool, said lead author Andrew Klimas, a postdoctoral researcher in the School of Mechanical Engineering.

The deep pool also has a large number of holes that can be used for swimming, Klimis said.

“What we found was that we actually found that people are gravitating towards these deep pools,” Klimes said.

The study was published online in Science Advances.

Researchers measured the swimming behavior of participants at four different swimming pools and at two different deep pools.

The participants were either in a group of eight or 16 people, and they had to find a pool.

At the pool with the largest number of swimming holes, the participants spent the most time in the pool, but that pool had no deep pool.

When they came back to the pool that had fewer holes, they spent more time in that pool.

When they were in the deeper pool, they stayed in the group more often, but were less likely to stay in the water, Klamas said.

Participants were also more likely to use the pool for pool activities if there was a deeper pool nearby, Kramas said, but the deep pool pool didn’t seem to have any deep pool activity.

In a separate study, Klemis and his colleagues looked at whether swimming pools with a deep pool theme might be more appealing for older people.

They compared swimming pools at different age groups with those with a shallow pool theme, but not with those without a deep theme.

They found that the deeper theme pools had a stronger correlation with younger participants, and the shallow theme pools tended to have a stronger association with older participants.

“We found that there is a correlation between age and swimming pool participation,” Klemas said in a press release.

“Our results show that older people who spend a lot of time in a pool that has a deep or shallow theme are more likely than younger people to stay there.”

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